Dear Golden Pianists and Piano Teachers,

GOLDEN PIANO TALENTS COMPETITION appears to be one of the most prestigious and the world’s largest piano competitions in terms of the number of contestants, with candidates from more than 50 countries, from all continents of the world.

With high respect, we are delighted to congratulate you on your AWARDS at the GOLDEN PIANO TALENTS COMPETITION. 

Before we announce the LAUREATE of the 2nd GOLDEN PIANO TALENTS COMPETITION, we have the Award certificates & special prizes waiting for the young pianists and the respected teachers.

You can easily download the certificate in 5 steps:

  1. Double Click on your discipline;
  2. Double Click on your category;
  3. Double Click on your name and download the certificate  (Certificates are published by alphabetical order);
  4. Double Click on the TEACHERS CERTIFICATES folder and find the certificate for the teacher;
  5. Check your name in the folder SPECIAL PRIZES to see if you have any special prize.

The CERTIFICATES are in the FOLDERS here.

All winners of Golden Grand prizes (100 points) and selected winners of Grand prizes (98-100 points) will be invited to perform on the Golden Grand Ceremony Concert in N. Macedonia in September 2023. It will be held in a beautiful “Bezisten” hall in Shtip, which is an acoustical art gallery hall built in the 16th century.

Piano Teachers with the highest number of awarded students will be invited to be a part of the Jury Panel in 2024.

The Grand concert will be a part of the Golden Piano Talents Festival 2023.

All pianists who participate at the Grand Ceremony concert on GOLDEN PIANO TALENTS FESTIVAL in Macedonia will be awarded medals, certificates, plaques, and other gifts.

The absolute laureate of all categories will receive a cash prize, opportunity for a recital, medal, gifts and a plaque at the Festival Ceremony concert.

The teachers play an integral role of the winner success, and therefore are also invited.

Selected winners will have an opportunity for their own RECITAL.

The applications for the GRAND CEREMONY CONCERT and RECITALS will be published in June 2023.

Our Jury Panel which includes professional pianists and teachers who had the highest number of awarded students on the last GOLDEN PIANO TALENTS COMPETITION had an extremely difficult task to evaluate all of your great performances.

Many thanks to the judges:

Giuliano Adorno (Italy)

Ekaterina Gueorgieva Ledford (California, USA)

Lea Šantek (Croatia)

Jekaterina Rostovtseva (Estonia)

Marija Maksimova (Macedonia)

Nati Ballarin (Spain)

Irina Novikova (Russia/Thailand)

Dragomir Bratic (Serbia)

Aleksandra  Radosavljevic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

You can share the certificates on social media to promote our lovely piano profession, your talent, and your work.

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We are honored that you chose our competition and look forward to a long collaboration with our talented musicians.

We wish you good luck in your musical journey in the future!

Best regards and congratulations again!